Technique: Kimura from half-guard

Thoughts: I do love me a Kimura, but the half-guard setup was more difficult than from side control. Since we've been training submissions a lot, we've been starting with guard retention drills. The one we did today involved going inverted when someone catches you and there's no time to make space. It was wild and I was bad at it. Very exciting.

Rolls: From half-guard with frames/head control, 2 minutes each side then switch, 20 minutes total.

What went well: I'm beginning to understand my options from bottom in half-guard (attempt to recompose or try to go deep half guard). I was able to hit a few sweeps.

What Could Improve: Albeit going against heavier, competitor blue belts, I got tapped fast a few times. All in all, it was still a good lesson: after one, my coach (who was watching and knows I intend to compete) said "That was a twenty second tap. Fight harder and survive longer." I was able to make it 90 seconds the next time. This sequence repeated itself with my next partner; a quick tap followed by a better fight (and tap).

It's entirely possible I misheard him, but before the final round I heard my coach yell from across the mat "Get ready, it's the Final Round. DRINK THE PAIN!" Again, I'm not sure if this is what he actually said, but it's become something of a mantra for me.

Since we've been working so many Kimuras, here's a picture of Masahiko Kimura. He is just as terrifying as I expected.


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